Saajs 10-dec-2014

The Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers (SAAJS) marks the Universal Human Rights Day in Afghanistan, where scores of civilians and innocent people fall victims of criminals every day. Dreadful corruption in all ranks of government, explosions and suicide attacks, awful increase in production and smuggling of narcotics, empowerment of criminal and mafia bands, oppression on women and children, unemployment, insecurity and thousands of other problems are being sustained by our people. Orgun and Yahyakhil are bleeding, Maryams and Qudsias are buried with all their dreams, but perpetrators of such crimes continue their shameful life.

In the last four decades, we have experienced different types of cruelty. Russian lackeys murdered thousands of our freedom lovers, Jehadi criminals beside their numerous atrocities gifted all material and moral values of our country to their foreign masters, the medieval-minded Taliban also committed all kinds of crimes and brutalities against our people. And finally after military invasion of US to Afghanistan and installing of Karzai government, not only the people were not freed from the criminals of last three decades, but once again a dreadful triangle comprised of criminals and human rights violators, came to power and in the past 13 years they were changed into dangerous bands.

The US occupied Afghanistan under the banner of “War against terror”, “Women rights” and “Democracy”, but they imposed a government on our people which contains supporters of terrorism, misogynist groups and individuals who are the worst enemies of democracy. The achievements of thirteen years Karzai government under shadow of USA are nothing but spreading poverty, insecurity, addiction of youths to drugs, increasing gang-rape of women and children, unprecedented corruption, and plenty of other social calamities. This is not only “Talib brothers” or “Political oppositions” who are responsible for streams of blood in the country, but also the US and NATO forces have killed thousands of Afghan children, youths, women and men through their blind bombing of our villages. Unfortunately those who raise slogan of “Transitional Justice” every day, never protested against atrocities of the US/NATO forces. While the US government is a factor behind the ongoing war crimes in Afghanistan, so we can never expect from them to pave the way for persecution of other criminals in Afghanistan. They have invested on many infamous criminals in Afghanistan to reach their regional goals. And so far the US has largely benefited from the existence of criminals and looters in our land.

Last year a “Dead List” was released containing names of 5000 people killed by Russian puppets in 80s, which raised much arguments in Afghanistan. Human rights organizations, government institutions, and many other international organizations were asking for persecution of perpetrators of such crimes. But now, after one year, no one is talking about follow up of these cases, because most of the same criminals have high ranking positions in the government. This, once again proved that the US and its local servants are not honest in bringing justice and democracy to Afghanistan.

The 2014 elections which had infamous violators of human rights in the list of candidates or as supporters of the candidates, in the first days it was clear that such election will be the most notorious and ridiculous election in the world. Those who have no care for law and the basic human values how can participate in a democratic process without relying on gun and fraud? For the time being the joint-stock company made up of the most corrupt and irresponsible individuals, who have been tested in the last thirteen years, never want or can take even preliminary step toward realization of our people’s wishes. Since months that they are bargaining on their “share” in the government and they only think about their own interests and mafia circles around them.

Thus, by relying on human rights violators, who are responsible for all these catastrophes, we cannot attain peace, justice and prosperity. Justice claimant institutions, independent and democrat individuals, victims' families and all other people should put hand to hand for a national movement to put the criminals on trial. If we don’t unite and raise our voice, we should expect more tragic and bloody days in future.

The Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers (SAAJS) once again stresses on its fundamental demands:

1. We want the urgent removal of all criminals of period of Khaliqi and Parchami’s sovereignty, period of fascist Jehadi factions ‘sovereignty, wild and terror era of Taliban and the period after that until now, from their governmental posts.

2. We want the prosecution of all war culprits of all periods in a competent and impartial national and international court.

3. We want investigation about the discovered mass graves and recognition of their perpetrators.

4. We want the discovery of all undiscovered mass graves of all crime’s period.

5. We strongly condemn the naming of buildings and streets in the name of criminals and call it an insult and disgrace to the blood of our innocent martyrs.

6. We request to have a memorial monument in the name of our missing unknown dears and a quarter should be allocated so the corpses of mass graves buried there honorably and respectfully.

7. We ask all our compatriots in all over Afghanistan and abroad, who have lost their children, brothers and sisters, relatives and dear once in last thirty years, to contact and inform us about the condition of martyrdom of last thirty years of atrocities.

8. Let’s unite to make our voice louder and dominant!

Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers (SAAJS)
10 December 2014

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