Memorial Ceremony for Victims of Yakawlang Massacre

The “Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers” (SAAJS) in collaboration with a group of victims’ families arranged a memorial ceremony on 9th January 2014 on occasion of 13th anniversary of Yakawlang Massacre where more than 300 of our innocent people have been murdered by brutal Taliban in 2001.

The ceremony started at 10:00AM in Imam Sadiq mosque with more over 2000 male and female participants. It ended at 1:00PM; most of the people who attended the ceremony were coming from long distances.

Wida Ahmad, Director of the “Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers” in her speech to the victims’ families promised, that we will never stop till bring actors of such catastrophes to justice. In addition she condemned the amnesty law which was passed by Karzai government; she called this as a betrayal to the bloods of our martyrs and the reason of continuation of such brutalities in the country. The speech was well accepted by the audiences.

The victims’ families in their speeches criticised the Karzai government in forgetting the victims and bringing to power the criminals who continued their cruelty and autarchy.

In the ceremony a big poster containing the photos and list of victims of this massacre was installed with the slogans like, “Dealing and negotiations with criminal Taliban, these murderers of Yakawlang people is a betrayal to the victims!”, “Innocent Martyrs of Yakawlang! Sleep in peace, we will never stop till bringing to justice and punishment your murderers!”, “If I rise up, If you rise up, all will rise up”

During the ceremony, a Statements and Posters of SAAJS were distributed among the people in Yakawlang district and Bamyan city.

On Friday, Jan.10, 2014, representative of SAAJS whith a group of victims’ families visited the mass grave of martyrs to remember their memories.

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