Stigmatized on the Faces of the Taliban Savages

Exactly twenty years ago today, Taliban attacked the Yakawlang District of Bamyan, during a three days raid, gathered more than 300 men from their houses and volleyed them with bullets.

Stigmatized on the Faces of the Taliban Savages

They also forced women and children of Yakawlang to abandon their homes, many of whom, due to severe cold, froze on their way to other districts. Their houses afterwardshad been burnt to the ground.

Stigmatized on the Faces of the Taliban Savages

However, the Taliban Government's atrocities and barbarity is not limited to the Yakawlang massacre, over the four years of their autocracy, in addition to several massacres, they committed various crimes from mutilation to executions in sports stadiums, throughout Afghanistan.

Nearly two decades after the fall of the savage Taliban and installation of the Karzai regime, the terrorist Taliban became stronger day by day due to the military and financial support of Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, US, etc.

For the past four decades, the Taliban have been at the forefront of shedding the blood of innocent Afghans, along with Khalqi-Parchami and Jehadi criminals. Today these traitors, led by the US occupiers and the corrupt government of Afghanistan, are gamboling in the name of peace over the shed blood of our youth.

Stigmatized on the Faces of the Taliban Savages

"The Social Association of Afghan Justice-Seekers" (SAAJS) has continuously stated that there is no and will not be any peace whatsoever, and with such stagy and flashy negotiations only more deals will be made to make it easier to suck the blood of thousands of our compatriots.

The only way towards true and perpetual peace is to prosecute and punish the criminal leaders of the last four decades, and this would not be achieved except through the cooperation and alignment of the different ethnicities and progressive forces of Afghanistan, especially the survivors and families of the victims

Stigmatized on the Faces of the Taliban Savages
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