Justice: End to foreign aggression and trial of criminals


90 years from now on August 19, 1919, the defiant freedom fighters of this land hovered the flag of freedom and independence as they devoted their wealth and lives revolting against the English aggressors.

King Amanullah and his aids such as Mahmood Tarzi, Ghulam Mohmmad Khan Charkhi, Wali Khan Darwazi, Sarwar Joya, Abdul Rahman Lodin and many other combatants had vowed to not give up against the powerful enemy and keep the struggle continuing until winning the independence. Bearing the heavy loss from the hands of unified people, the English had realized their rule would no longer be sustained and hence conceded the defeat and recognized Afghanistan’ independence. They searched of course for alternative ways to continue their vicious assault.

The firm stance of Amani’ government against the English, and his cultural, political and economic reforms that were assuring a better tomorrow for Afghanistan had terrified the internal and external enemies. Those who hated to see Afghanistan moving forward began hindering the course of the Amani’s democratic reforms through creating differences among innocent people in collaboration with the English. At the first stage, Habibullah was brought in to destabilize the government and pave the way for the notorious Nadir, the main English henchman to snatch the throne. He rolled back all the achievements and installed a despotic regime. The enemy took the advantage to revenge their defeat by attacking most of Amanullah’s progressive and patriotic aids; shot them to death and put them in jail. They aimed to do so in order to intimidate the people and keep the resisting voices remain silent. The despotic regime of Nadir and his family lasted for several decades and fiercely cracked down the mass uprisings.

Once more in history, our people revolted against the aggressive enemy and its lackeys following the coup d'état by Khalqis and Purchamis on April 27th and then the Russian invasion. Soon later, the Jehadi factions sponsored by the West, Arabic counties, Iran and Pakistan hijacked the results of the resistant struggle and turned Afghanistan into a blood bath. The medieval troops of Taliban like their Jehadi predecessors continued the trend of heinous atrocities. 13-years of the bloody presence of the US and NATO brought nothing but persisting the poverty, unemployment, insecurity, drug trafficking and empowering the criminals and traitors.

Today marks 95th anniversary of Afghans’ victory over the English, and while the world embrace the astonishing progresses, we in Afghanistan choked on the old games of colonization. The US forces and NATO have killed thousands of our innocent people during the past 13 years, and the savage troops of the Taliban terrorize people every day by their bombs and suicide attacks. The US stooges have put our people in a hard time of mental and economical stress through their mockery Election whose infamy is now known to the entire world, which stands by no other principals but on John Kerry’s decree. It is merely irony to talk about democracy and freedom in a country where the foreigners and their lackeys have gripped the innocent people into their bloody claws and turned the nation’s life stream into a mafia system. History tells us that a nation can’t be held under tyranny forever. Peace, democracy, welfare and development will come to Afghanistan only when independence is gained, criminals are pursued for trial and a people’s government is set in place. And this mission is possible through mass consciousness, resistance and devotion.

Since our inception 7 years ago, time and again we raised our voice through our actions and programs in a hope to reach to people around the world and the democratic and human rights’ organizations. Unfortunately, no single step has so far been taken to put the war criminals on trial and they continue terrorizing our people more than ever. We express our demands in below:

1. We want the urgent removal of all criminals of period of Khaliqi and Parchami’s sovereignty, period of fascist Jehadi factions ‘sovereignty, wild and terror era of Taliban and the period after that until now, from their governmental posts.

2. We want the prosecution of all war culprits of all periods in a competent and impartial national and international court.

3. We want investigation about the discovered mass graves and recognition of their perpetrators.

4. We want the discovery of all undiscovered mass graves of all crime’s period.

5. We strongly condemn the naming of buildings and streets in the name of criminals and call it an insult and disgrace to the blood of our innocent martyrs.

6. We request to have a memorial monument in the name of our missing unknown dears and a quarter should be allocated so the corpses of mass graves buried there honorably and respectfully.

7. We ask all our compatriots in all over Afghanistan and abroad, who have lost their children, brothers and sisters, relatives and dear once in last thirty years, to contact and inform us about the condition of martyrdom of last thirty years of atrocities.

8. Let’s unite to make our voice louder and dominant!

Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers (SAAJS)
August 19, 2014

Mobile #: 0093 (0) 707803560
Website: www.saajs.com
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/SAAJS.Afghanistan

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