Honorable compatriots,

Today, 10th December, falls on International Human Rights Day, that if it is not linked to renewal of commitment for certainty of real justice in all over the world and especially in our country, then it will be useless to celebrate it.

Since last thirty years human disaster is going on in our country and its dimensions aren’t concluded in this point that in this duration injustice and aggression of human rights has been experienced on our people, more dreadful disaster that has taken place in few countries of world, is that the perpetrators of these betrayals and crimes have been placed in high governmental posts and are governing on our people. That is why we don’t have even little hope from this government for certainty of justice.

Is this possible to take a small step for getting justice while all the governing criminals of our country are preaching that “past must be forgotten” and pass general amnesty rule for themselves.

We “Group of Victims’ Families” have set out our second gathering on International Human Rights Day to voice our painful cry to all people around the world, civil society, human rights groups, justice-loving organizations and freedom-loving people of world and tell them that people of Afghanistan are fond of justice like rest of the world and without justice, they call any kind of "democracy" defective and false.

Our demands are as following:

1- We want the urgent removal of all criminals of period of Khaliqi and Parchami’s sovereignty, period of fascist Jehadi factions’ sovereignty, wild and terror era of Taliban and the period after that until now, from their governmental posts .

2- We want the prosecution of all war culprits of all periods in a competent and impartial national and international court.

3- We want investigation about the discovered mass graves and recognition of their perpetrators.

4- We want the discovery of all undiscovered mass graves of all crime’s period.

5- We strongly condemn the naming of places and streets in the name of criminals and call it an insult and disgrace to the blood of our innocent martyrs.

6- We request to have a memorial monument in the name of our missing unknown dears and a quarter should be allocated so the corpses of mass graves buried there honorably and respectfully.

7- We ask all our compatriots in all over Afghanistan, who have lost their children, brothers and sisters, relatives and dear ones in last thirty years, to contact and inform us about the condition of martyrdom and disappearance of their loved ones and participate in our struggle for prosecution all perpetrators of last thirty years of atrocities.

Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers
10th December 2007

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