Dear and mournful compatriots,

Today we have gathered here to celebrate International Human Rights Day in objection to woeful breach of human rights in our country. In Afghanistan, we are witness of massive claims of human rights, women rights and justice but unfortunately the reality is different. Still we are witness of clear violation of human rights in most parts of the country; violence against women is still going on in all over the country with its tragic form; the women and children of our country are still at the risk of being kidnapped and raped; corruption in Afghanistan is in its peak and has placed the country at the top of the list of most corrupted countries; despite cascading of billions of dollars aid, the poverty is out crying in the whole country; still hundreds of our innocent compatriots are loosing their life daily due to suicide bombings or bombardments by foreign troops. But what is the cause for all these catastrophes and adversities?

Because in Afghanistan there is no news about security of justice, those people whose hands are stained in the blood of thousands of human beings of this land, are lying in the governmental posts and have more power to commit crimes. The agonized people of Afghanistan including woman and man, young and old know that until the war criminals are not brought to the court of justice and their bloody past is not interrogated, the stability of real justice is not possible. The shoutings of slogan "let's forget the past" under the name of "national reconciliation" by a number of opportunist people, is exactly like putting finger in victims and mournful people's sore. This is the rule of the history that without totalizing of past, we can't decide about our present and change our future.

The criminals must be sent to the court of justice; the assassins of thousands of innocent people must answer; no one has the right to forgive except for the victims.

In this way we request to all of our mournful compatriots and national and international freedom and justice-loving individuals and organizations to support our true wants.

Once again we state our fundamental demands as following:

1- We want the urgent removal of all criminals of period of Khaliqi and Parchami’s sovereignty, period of fascist Jehadi factions’ sovereignty, wild and terror era of Taliban and the period after that until now, from their governmental posts .

2- We want the prosecution of all war culprits of all periods in a competent and impartial national and international court.

3- We want investigation about the discovered mass graves and recognition of their perpetrators.

4- We want the discovery of all undiscovered mass graves of all crime’s period.

5- We strongly condemn the naming of places and streets in the name of criminals and call it an insult and disgrace to the blood of our innocent martyrs.

6- We request to have a memorial monument in the name of our missing unknown dears and a quarter should be allocated so the corpses of mass graves buried there honorably and respectfully.

7- We ask all our compatriots in all over Afghanistan, who have lost their children, brothers and sisters, relatives and dear ones in last thirty years, to contact and inform us about the condition of martyrdom and disappearance of their loved ones and participate in our struggle for prosecution all perpetrators of last thirty years of atrocities. Let's unite to make our voice louder and dominant!

Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers
14th December 2008

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